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50K TO WIN!!!

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Frequently Asked Questions:  

  • Why 50k to win?! 

    • Everyone talks about kicking the stigma of us just knocking the windows out of cars and what better way to do that than pay 50K to win!​

    • 50k to win is sure to turn heads across all motorsports platforms, bringing eyes and potential players to our sport that we have never had!

    • It always matters whom you support and we are willing to build the stage for you, are you willing to come to compete?!  

  • Is this a qualifying-only event? 

    • No, Triple D Entertainment has evolved and adapted to encourage and invite any and all competitors to compete for the biggest prize money in the nation! ​

    • All drivers that have run our King class in the past will be guaranteed a spot but those entries have to be paid by November 1st! (That leaves 60 entries up for grabs)  

  • What are the rules? 

    • Our King Class rules from last will be used again this year with very minor changes.  We will have 2023 up very soon but last year's rules can be found under the King of Ohio 2022 tab.

  • What is the format? 

    • The format makes you compete as a driver!  Simple as that! ​

      • It's very simple,  you have to beat cars to move on! We will be running two rounds of the format this year with consolations.  ​

      • See the tab under "The King" 2023 for more information! 

  • Will there be consolation rounds? ​​

    • Yes, we will run consolation rounds this year!

    •  See the tab under "The King" 2023 for more information!

  • What is the payout?  

    • 1st: 50K 

    • 2nd: 10k  ​

    • 3rd; 5k

    • 4th: 2.5k

    • 5th: 1.5k 

    • Everyone else in the feature will be paid $1,000 to pull on the track! 

  • How many entries are you taking?  ​

    • We must have 100 entries to pay the advertised payout. If we do not get 100 entries we will pay the percentage that we get.  

  • What is the entry fee? 

    • The entry fee will be $600, opening October 7th at 5 pm.  ​

      • On November 1st All entries go up $750 ​

      • There will be no refunds period

  • Where is the event held?  ​​

    • The event is held at the Allen County Fairgrounds in Lima, Ohio. June 16th,17th, and 18th! ​

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