Stop in and take a listen to all the news and notes in the demolition derby world! Join Host Dustin Woods & Jeff Hobbs and their weekly guests as they tackle and discuss all things Demolition Derby!
Episode 4 - 3/13/2022

Cory Roman, the 2021 "King" of Ohio joins us to recap his 2021 victory and talk about defending his crown in 2022!

Episode 3 - 3/11/2022

Sean Porth joins us to talk about his upcoming run at the Whiskey City Revolution. Topics we discuss; pros/cons of running indoors, tire selection, his sponsors, his running style, and much more!

Episode 2 - 3/9/2022

TJ and Jordan join us to discuss some controversial derby topics and the unwritten derby rules. TJ McCullough is the promotor of Deadman Derby Productions, who put on several big demolition derbies across the Midwest; including No Mercy (April 15th-16th, Resurrection (Labor day weekend), and Buried Alive (October). TJ also gets behind the wheel, competing with the best of the sport. More information on TJ and Deadman is below:


Facebook Page:

Jordan Rutherford is a very successful parts builder and supplier to the demolition derby world. Jordan has created a very recognizable brand, RUTZ FAB, which specializes in all demolition derbies tire needs. Jordan is widely considered one of the top Compact Mod builders and drivers in the country. More information on Jordan and RUTZ FAB is below:



Episode 1 - 3/5/2022
Episode 1 - 3/5/2022

We're BACK!! Sean Porth joins to chat. We talk King of Ohio and King of Indiana, the format, branding, and more!!